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【Japanese cake for American employee】


(Contributed by Yuka)
Japanese people like Japanese cake but not American cake. One executive from Japan, felt sad that American people have never eaten the delicious Japanese cake. So one day, he ordered a big Japanese cake from a Japanese bakery to his American employees. He thought he was doing a very nice thing to them.
It turned out, it was the opposite. Almost no one liked the Japanese cake, they all said “it’s not sweet enough.” They wondered why he brought such a bad tasting cake. The chocolate cake was ok but the strawberry cake was horrible. He thought they threw it out to the garbage in the end. He felt so sad of what he did.
Since then he doesn’t want to try to bring Japanese stuff anymore.
The point here is not always what you think is right. Just because you think it is right in Japan, does not mean it is right in the different culture or country. Working at a Japanese corporation in America is difficult when it comes to the cultural differences. If this is Japanese people, I don’t think they said that cake test was horrible to them.
Like an old saying goes”when in Rome act like a Roman” it is very important to follow what is that meaning. Don’t you think?

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