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【From Dalian, China】

(Contributed by Sawa)

Hi my name is Sawa. This is my first time to write down a blog here.
I’m in Dalian, China now on my business trip from Japan. Our partner in Dalian told us that Dalian is not a big city in China. “The population is only around five millions.” Only five millions!? Not a big city?
Well I got exhausted after a very long meeting today. Do you know how long the meeting lasted? …..Seven hours! Let me tell you the truth. I didn’t understand almost 80% of the whole meeting since our customers and our partner talked in Chinese for the most of time. Our partner told me later that when they talked in Chinese, they talked nothing related to the agenda nor our business! That means I wasted five hours and 40 minutes of my precious time for nothing on Sunday.

After the seven-hour meeting, the customers invited us for dinner. I had really expected to have nice and real Chinese dishes tonight However when we got to the beautiful looking restaurant, I realized that we would have Japanese food in China for dinner. They said “ this is one of the best Japanese restaurant in the city”. I actually don’t care how excellent the restaurant is. The question here is why Japanese food for Japanese people in China? I really didn’t understand what they were thinking of. The food there was good, though.
I had a bit strange experience in China this time. But people in China are very nice to us and I enjoyed food there as well.

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