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【Public Transportation: Entry Level Role Play – Example】

(Contributed by Takashi)
Can you tell me what transportation options do I have to get to the city center?
>> You can take either a bus, a train or a taxi to go there.
>>>> Which is the fastest way?
>> The taxi is the fastest. It takes fifty minutes to the city but it is quite expensive. The taxi fare will be around twenty-thousand yen.
>>>> That is beyond my budget. Please tell me the cheapest method to go to the city?
>> In that case, you should take the bus. It costs only 2,200 yen. But the problem of the bus is it is not reliable.
Particularly, at this time of the day, the traffic jam is very bad. So, it may take more than two hours before you arrive at the city center.
>>>> Two hours is too long. I want to be there before noon. Then, what do you recommend?
>> I recommend you take the train. It is reliable and cheap.
>>>> Can I make a reservation for a seat with the train?
>> No, but don’t worry. You can find an vacant seat because this is the terminal station.
>>>> Okay. Then, I’ll take the local train. Do you know how soon the next train will leave the station?
>> Last train left/departed the station ten minutes ago. So, there will be fifty minutes until the next train.
The next train will leave in fifty minutes.
>>>>Fifty minutes? That’s a lot of time to kill. Are there any places where I can wait for the train?
>> There is a coffee shop on your right if you go straight that way.
>>>> Do you know somewhere where I can leave my luggage for a while?
>>There are coin lockers behind the kiosk over there. Anything else I can help you with?
>>>> Since you have asked, do you have a free map of the city?
>> Yes, we do. Here you are.
>>>> Great. Thanks a lot for your help.
>> You’re welcome. Have a good time in the city.

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