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【The super moon】

(Contributed by Justin)
There was a big uproar that on November 14th the moon was going to be closer to the earth than it has been since 1948 or something like that. It was supposed to be very visible with a super close appearance all over the Americas, so my hopes were very high to get up bright and early to see this phenomenon.
I was confused at first because usually the peak of something out in space happens in the middle of the night / early morning. However, the peak of this phenomenon was to be just before sunrise, which in Honduras is about 5AM. For a while it was covered in clouds and it was drizzling outside, so I went back inside until the rain passed. Once I headed back outside again, there I saw the moon. Now, my expectations were very high because of all the pictures that I saw online of how this supermoon was supposed to look to the human eye. Might I say that I have seen the moon appear to be much closer and brighter than I did that morning. Yes it was a full moon, but it was nothing super in my opinion. Then I looked social media to see how other saw it from there areas. Again, nothing super in my opinion.
I guess not a complete let down because the moon was bright and pretty, but not super. The next won’t happen again until another supposedly 60 or 70 years.

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