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【メーキャップ講座101 その3 アイシャドウ】



Makeup Application 101: Step 3 Eye Shadow

For an everyday look, I highly recommend you to use “neutral” colors. Nowadays, there are so many cosmetics companies with their own neutral color palettes, so you can get a palette that you like and stick to the same routine every time you have to put some makeup on!


For everyday use, I recommend having the following colors in your “neutral” palette: matte highlight color, matte all-over eyelid color, matte transition color, and matte deep brown or black. These 4 colors can do wonders to your day or night makeup look, so look for those colors when you’re looking for your perfect palette.


I used to be a “shimmer and sparkle” kind of girl, but recently, matte colors have a special place in my heart. Shimmery eye shadow can be a little over-powering for an everyday look, but matte eye shadow can really create an effortless natural look, without making it seem like you put a whole lot of effort on your look.


First, sweep the transition color (light brown color) to the crease of your eyelid, and above the crease as well. Next, apply light-colored, all-over eye shadow to your eyelid and to your brow bone. Then, dust some medium-to-dark-colored eye shadow to the outer crease, and make sure to blend the colors out with a blending brush. Use a smaller brush to get into the corners, as this will help if you apply a lighter neutral color to the inner corners of your eyes. If needed, apply a darker shade of eye shadow on the lower lash line. Again, always finish by blending everything away.

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