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  • 【メーキャップ講座101 その4 アイライナーとアイブラウ】

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【メーキャップ講座101 その4 アイライナーとアイブラウ】



Makeup Application 101: Step 4 Eyeliner and Eyebrows

Tight line the upper lash line with a dark eyeliner. Fill in any gaps by going over the lash line with an eyeliner pencil. I think lining the lower water line with white eyeliner is very popular in Japan and among the gyaru subculture. This technique can make people look very doll-like (and sometimes even a little spooky) because of the unnatural look that white eyeliner can give.


Instead of using while eyeliner, try using a “nude” eyeliner. This simple change can make your eyes look very natural and BIG! Some people use a shimmery rose-gold-colored one, but I recommend using a matte beige-colored eyeliner on the water line to achieve the most realistic look. However, don’t apply this neutral pencil liner to the upper water line. Be sure to line the upper water line with brown or black eyeliner.


To avoid the pencil eyeliner from smudging and coloring the upper eyelid, you can set the eyeliner by using dark brown or black eye shadow on top of the eyeliner. This trick works every time I need to apply makeup on a client with watery eyes or oily skin.


Next, let’s move on to our eyebrows. Define the brows by applying an eyebrow pencil or brow shadow. Begin applying the shadow from the inner corners of the brows. Some people like to draw the line on the bottom of the brows to guide where they need to fill them in. Follow its natural shape using short light strokes. Comb through the brows using clear mascara to lock the brow shadow into place.

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