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【Has Actual Talking Died a Death?】


(Contributed by Sharan)

I mean literally talking to people socially on the phone/in person happen less often than we realise. I could go through a day and make plans and discuss ideas and catch-up with people without ever using my voice. It’s a strange world, and one that is becoming increasing isolated.
One in which social networking becomes your main hangout. The chat functions on these platforms have evolved, the visual features and emoticons, with the ability to send virtual hugs, and presents has made it fun.
Social dynamics have changed, and it is imperative that our actual voices remain intact. We should use Social Media for those times that we are not able to go out, and not as a replacement. However, it is good for long distance friends, and family members, so long as you don’t spend hours indoors, thus creating a world devoid of friends and family you can actually meet.
I understand there are websites and web chat services for nearly everything online. I have started to use my phone again, and although strange, it feels new. I’m not sure how long it will last, and I don’t know if I will ever want to spend long conversations on the phone. Although, I do think it’s more personable.
Ultimately, once you get comfortable with one programme you shouldn’t stay put. It’s natural to experiment and enjoy something for a few days, but after that it becomes a bit boring.
I’ve found that I enjoy being online, but in reality; I’d rather see a person’s face and mingle properly. Nothing can beat the feeling, warmth, aura and vibe of a person standing next to you laughing with you at a shared mishap or embarrassing story.
For contacts that are about an hour away, we should try and meet-up as much as possible, for times when we really can’t there is always video chats/calling. Seeing faces and hearing voices are the next best thing, not messages via social media.
Also, the more you chat, using your own voice, the better you become at learning languages and improving communication skills. And isn’t that the main reason we’re all here?
Thanks for reading, and all the best for now!

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