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【How I Started My Life in Japan—Part 4】



How I Started My Life in Japan—Part 4


After graduating elementary school in 2004, I enrolled to a junior high school which was about an hour from my house. This was the first time that I needed to commute long-distance from my home to my school, and it was quite exciting—yet, very tiring as well. My morning routine was to wake up at 5 o’clock every day, and leave the house at 7:15 a.m. I am definitely not an early bird so I must admit, this took time to get used to.


My first two years of junior high school were not what I had expected. Before the whole experience had started, I was very happy and excited to meet new people, especially the ones who had gone through something similar to me, like living overseas. But sadly, it did not flow as I had hoped, and I felt out of place, and fell in with the very wrong set of friends.


Once my third year began, everything had changed: I met many funny, genuine, and kind-hearted people, and that soon changed my whole junior high school life from dark to bright. I was able to use English again with my new friends, and I absolutely loved that! We all got along great and made many awesome memories during our last year of junior high school! Graduation day was very emotional for me, and it turned out to be much more spectacular than how I had been imagining it to be, during my first and second year. Overall, I must say I had an enjoyable time, and I am proud to call that my junior high school!

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