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【Police stops in NY: Part 3】


(Contributed by Kota)

When police officers ask people to stop, who do they tend to target? Do they randomly pick up people? Probably not. What factors make them think some people look suspicious? I have two factors in this post. One is weight and the other is height. If you are skinny, do you look suspicious to police officers? If you are fat, do you look suspicious? What does the data show?

Figure 1 shows the numbers of police stops by location and gender. For guys, weight seems not to be a factor in Bronx and Brooklyn; the numbers of police stops are similar regardless of weight. However, police officers tended to select heavier guys more in the other three locations. The general tendency is that the heavier you are the more you have chance to have police stops. What about girls? I guess there are not so many heavy girls out there. That is why girls under 150 pounds were chosen most of the time.


Figure 2 shows the numbers of police stops by location and gender. For guys, police officers tended to pick up taller guys for inquiries except perhaps Queens. If you are talk, does that mean you look suspicious? I do not think so. But, the data seems to suggest this us the case.


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