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【How I Started My Life in Japan—Part 5】



How I Started My Life in Japan—Part 5


Now, finishing junior high and starting high school was also a big step in my life, and for everyone as well. My high school was definitely more of a better fit for myself; I was able to make friends very quickly, which is always something I have a problem doing since I can be quite shy. There were many students who had continued on from the junior high school, and it is always scary being the new one in the group, but everyone was very kind and accepting. I felt very lucky.


I got used to my high school life pretty fast, and was using more English than I had been speaking in the past few years combined!! It was a great feeling: it made me happy and confident to readjust to my mother tongue once again, and meeting people who shared similar feelings to mine. I absolutely LOVED my high school experience. Although there were times (many times) that I hoped and wished to return to America for high school, I can now say that I am grateful to have been put into such an amazing atmosphere with such caring and intelligent people.


For college, I had decided that going back to the States was going to be the best option for me to start the first step of my dream career, which is to become a paralegal between America and Japan. For my undergraduate education, I am majoring in Japanese so I can make sure that I am 100% confident in the language for when I start my dream job.


All I can say is that time goes by fast—almost too fast to enjoy every second of your life. My past is something I hold onto in a positive way, and am grateful to have spent it the way I did. I cherish it greatly, and would love to enjoy every opportunity I get to share my experiences with everyone I know.

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