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【First winter in 5 years】

(Contributed by Justin)
So I’m back in USA for a few months. This time I’ll be here the whole winter! This is a big change for me because I haven’t been in the USA during winter since the winter of 2011! I’m completely used to the hot and humid climate of my area in Honduras! I’m in awe when I walk outside and can see my breath and the cutting winds hit my bones.
The pros.
I’m glad I came at this time of year because I can see the last of the autumn foliage. It is something that I took for granted before while living in the US , but now I truly appreciate it because it’s something I never get a chance to see in Honduras.
I’m also enjoying the fall / winter flavors of pumpkin and sweet potato. I already had some of my favorite meals that I’ve been wanting to have such as steak and potatoes. The other day I got a pumpkin spiced cheesecake, and I’ve enjoyed sweet potato pies along with pumpkin spiced lattes.
The cons.
This cold weather makes me want to hibernate! I can’t get used to it just yet. I went from 28 degrees Celsius to about 8 degree weather. I really would like to stay in my bed all day under the covers and drink hot chocolate or coffee.
Of course that won’t happen.
I am however hoping it will snow sometime this year!

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