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カナダ出身。ブロック大学卒。ナイアガラフォールズ (オンタリオ州)在住。英語、ビジネス関係、音楽など豊富な教師経験がある。趣味は、アートワーク、料理、散歩など。

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Are you interested in improving your pronunciation? Then Jacqueline is for you. She will let you know what you are doing wrong in terms of pronunciation and make you practice until you get it right! She also takes every lesson very seriously. She is very sweet and sincere. She lives in Canada where is very close to the border so her English is perfect for those who wants to learn not only about Canada but also American English and its culture as well!


Hello, my name is Jacqueline.
I have been teaching and mentoring for over 25 years and joined the Lyngo team earlier this year. My previous combined business experiences will bring a hands on relevant working knowledge to your One 2 One classes.
I am a resident of a well-known tourist destination and will share a unique perspective on the necessary travelling techniques covered in the conversation package. I have travelled across North America, Great Britain and most recently parts of Europe. Giving you a confident voice to deal with any situation while away from home will be my focus.
My position as a mentor for new and established businesses gives me the foundation to assist in your business conversation development. Focusing on your customers and providing superior customer service will be a key element as I deliver the information to be covered in the course package.
I am excited about the opportunity to share in this journey as you develop your English skills.


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